Wolford Tights

Made In Austria

Made In Austria

With a smooth feel, subtle elegance and a huge variety of styles, Wolford Tights are a great choice to compliment any attire.

Made in Austria, from a special combination of polyamide, elastane, spandex, and cotton, Wolford tights have a wonderful feel on the skin. The special blend of different materials makes them both durable, and beautiful. They’re comfortable to wear for long periods, and they’re available in different thicknesses for both cold or warm weather. Wolford stockings are designed so that they allow for good circulation, by putting pressure in the right places. They make your legs look more shapely, but they don’t feel tight and overly constrictive.

Stylistically you can have sheer or semi-sheer tights for a more subtle and refined look, or you may want to embrace the dazzling allure of studded stockings or lace. Wolford tights are available in a ample variety of colors, so no matter what sort of outfit you’re wearing, you can find something perfectly complimentary in the Wolford product line.

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, because it’s all about confidence. When you know you look your best, you walk with a certain kind of surety that anyone can see. A person with enough confidence can dominate a room without saying a word. Wolfort tights can help you achieve that sort of assurance. When people see you wearing Wolfords, they’ll know there’s something special about you, not just because they make you look more attractive, but because they make you feel more attractive.

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