The Iconic Wolford Neon 40s

neon40tightsIf you want your legs to look their best – and who doesn’t? – you’ll discover that high-quality 40 denier tights are a real god-send. As 40 deniers are semi-opaque, they give a subtle camouflaging effect for the legs, covering up scars, unsightly veins and other imperfections to make your skin look smooth and flawless. They’re a must-have for the colder months when sheerer tights simply don’t provide adequate warmth for your legs. And even better, black semi-opaque tights are a timeless classic that you simply can’t go wrong with – they never go out of fashion and look fabulous on all legs.

beyonce_best_legsWhen you wear tights every day, comfort and quality are worth paying a bit extra for. And if you want a real touch of luxury, Wolford’s Neon 40 tights are one of the very best choices. Beyonce wears them on stage to get that signature silky, glossy look. Katy Perry copied her. But you don’t have to be a rock goddess to appreciate how the glossy finish of Neon 40s makes your legs look smooth and silky and gives a really glamorous look – perfect for an evening out or any time you want to look extra-special.

These ingeniously designed semi-transparent tights are wonderful on the legs – supersoft and sleek with a barely visible shadow toe reinforcement. A comfortable, soft sewn-on waistband and cotton gusset means they’re fabulously comfortable to wear all day. They’re incredibly durable too,lasting many times longer than other tights without pilling or snagging. Definitely worth their price!

Wolford Neon 40s are available in a range of colours from suppliers of luxury hosiery such as David Nieper.

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