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Woolford tights

Cotton lined gusset

Nothing makes a woman feel more feminine than wearing a pair of glamorous Wolford tights. The elegant materials used in these products cling gently to the body and emphasize lovely female curves and natural lines. Subtle fabrics selected to create Wolford tights are comfortable yet reliable and stay in place for hours without stretching or sagging. The luxurious texture of the tights creates a shimmer and soft glow that makes any outfit instantly sophisticated and stylish. A varied selection of colours, patterns and textures add a dressy or relaxed yet well-planned look to any outfit.

Fit and Reliability Distinguish Wolford Tights

The superior fit inherent in each pair of Wolford tights distinguishes the brand from other products. Favourite styles feature control top panels, soft but secure knit waistbands and comfortable cotton inner panels. The tights add support but never tell. The subtle fabrics form gently against the body and conform to every size and shape while creating a slimming appearance. The high quality materials used in Wolford tights are selected for extended wear, resistance to runs and snags and lasting durability. Buyers who purchase these tights are ensured of receiving a reliable product.

Elegant and Casual Styles offer Unique Personalities

Wolford tights are fun to wear. Choosing a sexy pair with a lacy pattern adds a glamorous touch to an evening outfit. Wearing silky smooth tights that shimmer creates an elegant statement and sophisticated look for any occasion. Classic styles in black opaque are featured in the latest fashion magazines. Wolford tights coordinate with various shoe styles in designs that feature a reinforced toe, sheer to waist and footless versions that end at the ankle.

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